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Martin Family 78 Records
Ted Daffan, Hall of Fame Country Music Artist

Martin Family 78 Records

Thanks to TJ Finklea for digitizing the old 78 RPM records and sharing them with the family during the 2013 Martin Family Reunion. The recordings capture the interview, story telling and singing of Henry Lee Martin, Thelma Finklea, Bobbie and Ted Daffen and a few others.

Audio Files:

Track 1 2:34
Track 2 1:48
Track 3 2:47
Track 4 0:40
Track 5 2:58
Track 6 2:24
Track 7 2:34
Track 8 2:34
Track 9 2:05
Track 10 1:51
Track 11 1:01
Track 12 3:47
Track 13 2:20
Track 14 1:43
Track 15 3:44


Ted Daffan, Hall of Fame Country Music Artist

Captured in the recordings above is Ted Daffan.

Ted Daffan was inducted into the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame in 1970. His biography page on their website has a nice quote from Ted about his work writing songs.

The Country Music Hall of Fame website has a biography of Ted Daffan and information about a 1968 recording of an interview housed at the Hall of Fame.

This video comes from a Salute to Ray Charles broadcast on TV. Of the over 100 people that have performed music by Ted Daffan, this genre-crossing clip is of Elton John singing the very popular song, "Born To Lose". Or, if you prefer, here is a recording of Ray Charles singing it.

(If you don't see the embedded video, try a different browser or just go straight to the video on YouTube. )

Also recording Born To Lose (on YouTube): Leann Rimes, Marty Robbins and of course Ted Daffan's Texans with some nice photos.

Worried Mind is another big hit for Ted. The bonus here is watching the actual 78rpm record playing!

Ted also has a biography listed on .

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