Morgan Cemetery

On the first weekend in May every year, the Morgan Cemetery community rises, (at least the living members), to gather at the cemetery for a morning of cleaning, meeting other people, and remembering loved ones. As this is not a perpetual care cemetery, donations support the care of the gravesites. People come on this weekend and sweep, weed-eat, and clean up several acres of Morgan Cemetery. Many families came with lawn chairs and tables to make an afternoon reunion of the event. After cleaning, people bring food to be shared by everyone there.

The original cemetery was only about a fourth of an acre. Dad said that it was originally known as the Morgan/Martin Cemetery. Morgan children have donated more land around the original 1/4 acre and it has continued to grow.

Morgan Cemetery is outside Splendora, Texas. To get there from Houston, one can go north on 59 to the Fostoria exit which is 3 miles north of the FM2090 exit. Go 1.3 miles north on Fostoria Rd and then left on Morgan Cemetery Road. Go 3.44 miles to the cemetery. (Alternatively, 59 to Splendora/FM2090 exit. Turning left, travel about 6 miles to Daw Collins road. You should come to Morgan Cemetery Rd on the right. About three miles down, you will find the cemetery on the left.) (The Fostoria exit is 5.28 miles south of 105/W Southline St exit on Hwy 59.)

Some of my photos were lost, but the photos and information is my best attempt to be factual. Forgive any mistakes. Morgan cemetery is the final resting place for Henry Lee and Annie Lee Martin, Annie's parents RR (Dick) and Elizabeth Dilworth, Henry Lee's daughters Bobbie and Thelma, and TJ Finklea. I know I'm missing some from the row of Martin relatives. Here is a short video of the row starting on the far right. *WARNING! If you are using a dial-up connection to download this video, start the crockpot dinner and see which one finishes first.* 3.1M mp4 file download of Martin row.

If you stand in front of Aunt Bobbie's headstone, you can look behind you and on the other side of the Martin row and find family related by the Dilworth family side. The original families in the area were a close-knit group, making for a wonderful weave of family through this cemetery.

The front gate along Morgan Cemetery Rd.
RR Dilworth is Annie Lee Martin's father.
Great Grandmother Annie Lee Martin (Dilworth)
Great Grandfather Henry Lee Martin
Looking down the row past Henry Lee, there
is quite a long row of Martin family
These Finkleas are not near the Martin row,
but there should be some connection.
Many people show up for the annual cleaning.
After cleaning, it becomes a family reunion
of sorts. Be sure to bring food and some chairs.

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Last updated: 09-May-2009